Prices and finance identified as biggest pain points facing car buyers

MOTORS’ latest Digital Touchpoints Survey has identified the top customer pain points after quizzing 3,000 in-market buyers searching online for used and new cars. Price negotiations topped the list with 43% saying they found the process difficult. Making sense of pricing was also a concern for 25% and understanding and arranging finance for 23%. Other […]

Average used car prices dip -1.6% in January, as EV price realignments continue

Advertised used car prices dipped -1.6% in January to their lowest point in 15 months, according to MOTORS’ Market View analysis. The price of vehicles listed on MOTORS averaged £17,113 following a succession of monthly falls over the course of last year, tracking -10% below their peak of £18,903 in January 2023. This downward movement […]

MOTORS research finds consumers now spending over a week longer in car buying process

Buyers are taking over a week longer to research their next car purchase as a result of low consumer confidence and extra time needed to research electric vehicles (EVs), according to independent consumer research commissioned by MOTORS. The study found the average buyer is spending eight days longer searching for their next car than they […]