Menable: Are Those Resolutions Giving You Joy?

So, how are you doing with those New Year resolutions? Did you make any, have you stuck to them or did they become a ‘to do’ list for the first week of January?

Well here at [M]enable HQ we made two resolutions! 1) Not to make unrealistic, unachievable resolutions (giving up chocolate for instance – that works till the Easter eggs appear in shops) and 2) to only do what gives us Joy!

So, what do we mean by that second one? The world is a tough place right now with lots going on, lots of stressors and challenges for people to deal with and it’s no surprise that anxiety and stress levels are increasing. So, we’ve vowed to ONLY do stuff that brings us joy or a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Now I know that may seem easier to say than it is to do, but it does involve taking a wholesale review of what you’re doing and eliminating the stuff (that you can control) that’s not serving you well. This in turn frees up head-space and gives you the bandwidth to deal with more “stuff”. The important stuff.

As part of that resolution, we’ll be running Masterclasses and consultancy sessions for leaders and business owners who feel they want help or don’t know where to turn, so if this could be of interest, please drop us a line at [email protected].

If you’re a leader or automotive business owner, we always ask you to consider “who asks you how you are?” And we don’t mean as the boss, but instead as a fellow human being – if you struggle to answer that and feel you’d like to chat or have a sounding board, don’t hesitate together in touch – [email protected]

Guest blog post by Stephen Whitton, Founder, Menable.