MOTORS part of Beta launch for all-new Google Vehicle Ads search platform

It’s a familiar scenario. You’re searching online for a new pair of trainers, Google your favourite brand and are presented with a carousel of retailers selling them along with how much they’re charging.

Over recent months MOTORS has been busy working behind the scenes with Google, as part of its BETA launch test group, utilising stock from our dealer partners, on an exciting project to launch Google Vehicle Ads in the UK; bringing a level of user familiarity to the used car buying experience.

Google is set to launch Google Vehicle Ads at Car Dealer Live today.

So, now imagine a scenario where a buyer is using Google to search for a used car. They tap in a keyword, or make/model, into the search bar and are shown a carousel of the most relevant search results, including dealer images and key information such as price, age, mileage and location.

Clicking on one of these vehicle ads takes the buyer to the detailed vehicle description page on MOTORS and from there they can perform additional actions such as contacting the dealer to discuss the car or arrange a viewing.

In short Google Vehicle Ads will provide a new way to reach buyers, while enriching the car buyer’s search experience. Its immediacy is also designed to generate even more qualified leads to dealers.

What’s next? We’re delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting new way to search for used cars and will be ramping up the number of dealer partners on the pilot, ahead of its full roll out.

We here at MOTORS are committed to finding new and innovative ways to generate leads for dealers and we will keep you posted on upcoming opportunities for your dealership with  Google Vehicle Ads.